Faith Gospel Church Ministries

Faith Gospel Church Ministries(FGCM) is a non-profitable organization working for
the Orphan Children, Pastors, Widows, Youth & proclaiming the gospel to unreached...


Allow me to share briefly about my - Testimony, Ministry, Orphanage, Pastors.

Actually I belong to Hindu family and also I am an orphan boy many years, I used to worship many pagan Gods and Goddesses. I do not have anyone in this world to take care of me. I was raised in the orphanages and poverty through my childhood. None less, I had sufficient determination and purposefulness that I enrolled in college and was on the verge of completion when my body was ravaged with typhoid fever and I was hospitalized for 48 days, I was studied in a Ramachandrapuram town for many years.

But that which seemed to be the darkest moment in my life, tumed out to be the start of my experience of the light of life. While in hospital, I was vomiting continually, the right side of my body was paralyzed and my kidneys were damaged beyond repair or so the doctors thought. Despite prescribing a plethora of medicines for me, there was no improvement and doctors advised me there was no hope. Then I was admitted in King George Hospital at Visakhapatnam.

But thank God for believers who dare to walk in purpose and express their faith even in the place of their employment! That night the nurse who was responsible for administering an injection explained to me about the healing power of Jesus. I said to her, shut up! rejecting her word to her face, because at that time I hated Jesus and any mention of his name, having not had a Christian upbringing. However, after nurse's departure, I experienced such agonizing pain that at midnight, in desperation I cried out to Jesus and asked him to touch and heal my body.

Suddenly, I saw a bright light in the room and in the light a vision of a hand that came upon my body and shed five drops of blood on me. Immediately I was healed. Completely healed.

The next morning, the nurse visited and asked me, how are you my brother? I recounted my experience with Jesus and the healing of my body and committed my whole life to the Service of the Lord. The nurse rejoiced and told me that she had been interceding for me all night. Thank God for faithful intercessors!

When the chief doctor came and examined me, I could not hide my shock and confirmed my complete healing. This doctor had previously pronounced over me that he would not have lived to see another day. I explained to him how Jesus touched and healed me, and then the chief medical doctor, who was a high caste Hindu, pledged his allegiance to the Jesus Christ.

Ever since that time I continued to be a faithful witness, leading many into a relationship with the Lord. I discontinued with my previous course of study and attended Bible College for 4 years. Then I proceeded to do the work of the Lord in the Hindu community in which I was raised. Then by god's leading I went to KARAPA start the ministry.

About Ministry

And I did so in the face if hardship. For several years while ministering to Hindu communities, I had no home and literally lived under a tree. I was beaten on many occasions by those who rejected the Gospel. On several occasions, villagers threatened to kill me because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But God is faithful and my life was preserved. Today, many of those same villagers are believers under the Pastoral leadership of me.

By God's grace I established Faith Gospel Church Ministries and conducted Conventions, Youth meetings, Bible classes, Women Conferences and Sunday schools in several places. Through me, God has healed the sick and delivered many who were oppressed by Satan. As people began to dedicate their lives to the Lord, I proved them with Bible training and deployed them for ministry in primary Hindu villages, where the Gospel had not been accepted. I established my first Church in 1976.

About Orphanage

God has given a unique compassion for Orphans. I was moved when I see so many of them wandering in the Streets, Bus & Railway stations. Many having lost their parents in Cyclones and Floods. So I took them to live in my home. From my pocket I am feeding and educating, providing shelter and spiritual guidance irrespective to their gender, religion, creed or community.

Now they were 45. My convection is that they will grow to be faithful soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ, preaching Gods word. Please pray for this ministry.

About Pastors

Now 100 Pastors are working under my leadership and planted 100 Churches. I & my team of Pastors, regularly visiting Hospitals, Leprosy homes and Schools to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We cannot help everyone but everyone can help some one