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And He that sat on the cloud thrust in His sickle on the Earth; and the Earth was reaped - Revelvation 14:16.

God gave me a vision to plant churches (with much burden). When I preached in the Seminars & Crusades, God touched the hearts of the young people to dedicate their lives and obey the call of Jesus Christ to do His ministry in the Villages, Towns and Forest Lands where there is no Gospel. We trained and prayed them to do His work. Now we planted 100 Churches where there is no Gospel. These missionaries are going by walk to villages, sharing gospel to door-to-door and conducting the open-air meetings in the prime places of the villages to save the souls to the Lord.

These pastors are daily facing many troubles and temptations by people and suffering with great poverty. My native ministers (Pastors) need monthly $50.00. Some do not have Churches and Houses, we plan to build Church-House. It will cost $22,000.00 and need Motor Cycles and Bicycles for Pastors.

We are distributing Bibles, Literature to door-to-door reach the people for God.

Sponsor a Pastor

You may donate through check/cash or Western Union. If you are moved with us by the spirit of God to sponsor a Pastor, please write to us.

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